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Seismic Retrofit/ Upgrade

Seismic Retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes.

If you are looking to qualify your home for earthquake insurance or be proactive in efforts to minimize personal and structure damage in an earthquake we offer four tiers of Seismic Retrofitting that are specifically tailored to your needs and concerns.

Calculate Your Risk: http://www.opb.org/aftershock/ 

Tier 1 – Earthquake Insurance Qualification/ Prescriptive Application

  • A predetermined predesigned anchor system that will qualify your home for earthquake insurance, provided your home is eligible, pending a seismic upgrade. We will work with your coverage provider to meet their qualifications.

  • Outside the city of Portland, engineering may be required for this level of work.

Tier 2 – Vulnerabilities & Lateral System Evaluation

  • An engineer site visit to analyze structural vulnerabilities and current lateral resisting system.

  • Engineered wet stamp drawings and calculations.

  • Installation of lateral resisting elements (hold-downs, straps and anchors) to address the most vulnerable areas determined by our engineer.

Tier 3 – Current Code Retrofit

  • An engineer site visit to analyze structure and current lateral resisting system if any installation.

  • Engineered wet stamp drawings and calculations to bring the structure up to date with today’s current seismic code.

Tier 4 – Earthquake Room: Similar to a panic room but an area or room rated to withstand the impact and weight of the roof or second story during a collapse

  • A lockable room within a room, hidden or open, containing storage; or

  • A room, hallway or central gathering place within a residence that has been reinforced with a simple steel structure. This can be customized to be hidden and look like the normal finishes in your home.

Are you earthquake ready: https://cewo.org/category/earthquake-readiness/

View recent events in the Pacific NW: http://pnsn.org/earthquakes/recent

How to prepare for an earthquake: Download here

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