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How Long Does it take to install and Endless pool

By Sean Derry

How long does it take to install an Endless Pool and what does that process look like?


With the plethora of options, sizes, and finishes available I could write all day.

So, lets narrow things down a bit by looking at the install of the most common size and style of Endless Pool, The 7’ x 14’ steel panel pool with minimal accessories. We will assume the pool location does not need additional site work. We are also going to ignore finishing work such as custom coping or skirting as install times vary greatly based on finish materials used.

Now that we have narrowed things down a bit, I can say the install typically takes 2-3 days with 2 experienced installers working on the pool.

Day 1

On day one we arrive at the job location, start unpacking the shipping crate or crates, prep the install site, and line out where the pool will sit. Next, we begin assembly of the pool wall panels. This includes bolting the panels together where necessary, installing rigid foam insulation, standing, and connecting the walls, and ensuring the pool is level and square. Once the pool is set level and square it will be anchored or bracketed into place to prevent movement.

After the panels are set, the through wall locations (for water quality and hydraulic line plumbing) are laid out and cut through the steel panels at the “front” of the pool.

Next, the liner hanger is installed on the pool panels. There are various styles of liner hangers that allow different types of finishing materials. Once the liner hanger is installed, all the seams in the interior of the pool are caulked to aid in the install of the liner. The caulking of the panels allows us to install the liner under suction which helps minimize wrinkles in the liner and deliver the smoothest possible looking liner install.

Typically, we install the coping and cover tracks and cover next.

Next, we set the Hydraulic Power Unit and Gecko Water Quality System in place so that the electrician can complete the necessary wiring on day 2 while we are installing the liner and internal pool components.

Day 2

On day two we will start with a very detailed cleaning and vacuuming of the floor of the pool. Next, we will lay down the liner floor pad and foam support corners. After the floor and corner foam, the liner will then be hung and set in place under suction.

Once the liner is set, we will start installing the interior bench and propulsion system and start the water fill. Once the bench system is installed and the water level reaches 18-24’ we will cut in and install the plumbing, hydraulic and any other through wall fittings.

Next, we will complete the water quality system plumbing and hydraulic connections.

Once the water level has reached its ideal level, we will shock the water and complete a basic function and care walkthrough with the customer.

How fast the pool fills will usually be the determining factor as to whether the install is done on day 2 or early day 3.


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