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Impossibilities Explored in a nut shell – We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box! Hard projects are in our wheelhouse, finding creative solutions is our specialty, and making it happen is what we do. We look closely at the whole project and explore all options, not just the conventional run of the mill normal way.

Clients Include:

  • NaceCo: Seismic Upgrades

  • Ervington Mansion: Interior & Exterior Remodeling

  • Hope Animal Hospital: Tenant Improvement

  • Abtronics: Tenant Improvement

  • Alliance Fish Farm: Tenant Improvement

  • Jacobs Creamery: New Addition

  • Sturm Elevator: Residential Hoistways

  • Endless Pools: Therapy Spas

  • Under Writers: Laboratories Industrial Coatings

  • KOR Physical Therapy: Therapy Spa

  • Belzona Solutions: Industrial Coatings

  • Kraft Screen: Facility Maintenance

  • United Site Services: Facility Maintenance

  • Heil Electric: Commercial Construction

  • Army Core of Engineers: Facility Maintenance

  • Ball Janik

  • MC Consultants

  • North Clackamas School District

  • Pinnell Busch

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