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“How can I be prepared as possible for my first meeting with my potential General Contractor” is a question you should ask yourself if you are nearing the estimate stage of your project. In reality you have most likely been thinking about this new project for some time now and are ready to see if it’s even feasible.

Let us start with why would we prepare? “Wouldn’t I just call and schedule an appointment and then ask them all my questions as I think of them?” Sure, you could do that but then you will likely have multiple emails, follow up calls & additional questions later. This often leads to changes to the quote as they are working on it. That equates to ...

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How do zoning and setbacks work?
Setbacks are the minimum distance your building can be located from the four sides of the property line. Setbacks apply to new buildings as well as additions or remodels that change the footprint of the building. Setbacks do not apply to an existing structure. Setback requirements are based off zoning, once you figure out what zone your property is in you will be able to identify what your setbacks are and how close you can build to the property line without a waiver.

What is the easiest way to find my zoning and setback requirements?
You can find this information by looking up the zoning map for your City or County. One of the main websites I use to find zoning...

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I get asked this question weekly, and it goes about like this: "Andy, now that you have seen our home, I have a question for you: what is this project going to cost me? I will not hold you to it, you do not even have to write it down, but just give me a verbal ballpark estimate."

Why don’t we answer this or use a square foot price? That is a simple answer, really, we do not want to give you misinformation. For instance, do you have the same taste in a project that, say, your cousin has, your parent, your sibling, your neighbors, or a total stranger has? Most likely you do not.

For Example: If we averaged out a $35,000 Master Bathroom Remodel that was 8 feet by 15 feet that’s 120 sq...

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