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Rot Repair


Rot Repairs 

that will stand the test of time

 Preserving the integrity of your home is our mission.  We expertly address and remedy issues, ensuring that your home stands tall for years to come. 

Our team specializes in repairing the damage caused by water intruding where it doesn't belong due to sub-par building practices. Water intrusion can seriously deteriorate your home and will often be found in the roof, beams, siding and arounds doors and windows. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure that your building is properly repaired and reinforced to withstand future weather events. 


Unfortunately, many windows are installed incorrectly. When this happens, rainwater will flow the direction of in towards the home and siding, rather than away. This will, over time, damage the siding surrounding the opening which requires additional repairs. 


We have seen beams that are holding up a home that you could stick your finger right inside. Having a soft, moldy beam as the support system of your home is extremely dangerous and requires immediate attention. 


Our company is often hired by attorneys during disputes of building quality practices. They rely on our expertise on what needs to happen for the repairs to be done the right way this time around. 


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